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Resource Page - Oppose the State Board of Elections
Proposal to Allow Untested DREs in NYS Polling Places

The New York State Board of Elections has proposed a dangerous plan that would allow uncertified DREs to be used in polling places around the state in 2008. The Board's proposal would allow DREs to be used without the undergoing the full certification testing required under New York State's regulations and that citizens fought so hard for. Here's some resources to help you understand the issue.

Take Action!
Click this link to easily send a fax to the Commissioners telling them you oppose this idea.

Documents and Graphics

Letter from Advocacy Organizations to the NYS Board of Elections (PDF file)
Screen reader version (HTML)

Should New York State Use DREs as ballot marking devices? (PDF file)
Screen reader version (HTML)

Why DRE VVPATs Cannot Be Used as Ballots (PDF file)
Screen reader version (HTML)

VVPATs are Not Reliable (PDF file)
Screen reader version (HTML)

VVPATs are Not Verifiable (PDF file)
Screen reader version (HTML)

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