On Election Day

Things you need to know in New York State
Here’s some information and advice for New York State voters this Election Day. Because turnout is expected to be unusually high, and the new computerized voter registration database may well have many voters incorrectly removed from the voter rolls, there are four things you need to know:
1) […]

EAC suspends SysTest

New York State Could Halt Voting Machine Testing - Again
The US Election Assistance Commission (EAC) announced today that the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) has suspended SysTest’s accreditation. SysTest is the testing vendor currently performing New York State certification testing of two ballot scanners selected by New York State counties. SysTest was suspended […]

Over 1,500,000 NYS Voters Purged

Have you been purged from New York State’s database?
As I wrote about in my last blog, HAVA required substantial changes to the way voter registration lists are managed, requiring that all states maintain a single statewide database, and that voter registration records be purged of incorrect records. But depending on how database name matching is […]