Tell it to the Judge

State Board informs Court of schedule delay
As I reported in my last post, problems encountered during New York State’s tough certification testing has caused the timeline for the 2009 rollout of state’s new voting machines to slip. Now the State Board of Elections has notified the Court that it will not be possible to complete […]

Schedule Slips and Slippery Slopes

Voting Machines Can’t Meet NY Standards in Time for 2009
It’s become obvious that New York State’s new voting systems will not be able to complete New York State certification testing in time for the scheduled 2009 rollout. The state sets the highest bar in the nation for approval of voting machines, one that vendors have […]

Open Letter

In the past week several articles and series of emails have circulated on the Web which have accused me of lying and willful misrepresentation of facts; of intentionally deceiving New York State citizens on election integrity issues; of having no understanding of the problems and challenges presented by computer technology in elections. I write this […]

Not Ready for Prime Time

Nassau County Refuses to Accept More Failing Systems
You would have thought that since there have been so many documented problems in other states over the years that voting machine vendors would have gone out of their way to make sure new systems being deployed in the Empire State were thoroughly tested, met all state requirements, […]